For The Parents

Your child’s safety is paramount to us as coaches, and it is with this focus we need your help. Below are the rules that we must enforce as a CrossFit community to best protect your child:


  1. Fill out and sign the waivers and bring them to the first class.
  2. Walk your child inside the building for the start of class, and walk into the building to pick your child up.
  3. Sign your child in and out with the head coach so that we can ensure they are going home with the appropriate person.  Your child will only be released to the designated people on your list, unless you have pre-arranged something with the head coach.
  4. Let the head coach know if there is anyone in the parking lot or gym that should not be there.
  5. Your child must have a bottle of water or a bottle that can be filled with water. Please write your child’s name on the bottle!
  6. Make sure your children are wearing clothes appropriate for running, jumping, rolling, pulling, swinging, climbing, crawling, throwing, and being upside down.
  7. If you choose to stay and watch class, please do not coach your child.
  8. Children with disciplinary problems: first warning: free of consequence, second warning: sit-out the first two minutes of the game, third warning: sit out of the whole game.
  9. Finally, please make sure the coach is aware of any special needs for your children that may facilitate their individual safety, learning, growth (i.e.: medications, illness, allergies, physical/mental limitations, injury, sports, etc.)

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